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Sue Powers, BS, MC Licensed Professional Counselor  
  Troubled Relationships  
"A good relationship isn't something that you have it's something that you do." - Terrence Real

Few of us grew up in a family that modeled effective expression of emotions, effective communication or healthy emotional intimacy. Many of us learned what we know about relationships from an "intimacy-disabled" environment. It's little surprise that we re-create those relationships in our adult lives. We don't trust other people, we sometimes don't like ourselves, we bottle up our frustration and we don't have a clue how to work through conflict or disagreement in a healthy functional way. Because of this, we often shut down and withdraw or we become aggressive or passive-aggressive. None of these approaches work and, often, we re-create the intimacy-disabled environment of our childhood. The healing of a troubled relationship begins with working on self and learning how to show up as an individual "healthy half" in a relationship.

Sue has been trained and certified by Terrence Real, The New Rules of Marriage, and helps couples learn to identify behaviors that destroy intimacy and replace them with a new way of relating that improves communication, increases problem solving skills and deepens understanding and intimacy. All in the name of learning to manage conflict as mature functional adults so that we can get our needs and wants met!

While working with couples, Sue teaches the work of Terrence Real, Harville Hendrix (Getting The Love You Want), Pia Mellody (The Intimacy Factor), Gary Chapman (The Five Love Languages), and Sherod Miller (Couple Communication-Talking and Listening Together).

The New Rules of Marriage - Terrence Real

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• Unbridled self-expression

• Retaliation

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