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Sue Powers, BS, MC Licensed Professional Counselor  
  Couple Communication - Core Communicationtm  
"How you communicate with people either opens or limits your opportunities, and strengthens or harms your relationship" (Core Communicationtm)

Communication impacts every area and aspect of our lives. Learning to communicate effectively helps us build rapport, manage stress, and transform defensiveness and resistance so that we can respond better to conflict or challenging interpersonal situations.

Sue teaches individuals and couples to recognize ineffective and effective ways of talking and listening together to improve the quality of conversation, create positive and constructive interactions and increase problem solving skills. Effective communication is the Operating System of your relationship that allows you to collaborate, take better charge of your life together, and creates a more peaceful, committed and confident future.

The benefits of learning Core Communicationtm include:

• Greater understanding of yourself and others

• Reducing negative and hurtful exchanges

• De-escalating tension and responding more effectively to your partner's concerns

• Understanding anger and responding effectively to anger

• Initiating faster and better resolutions to conflicts and differences

• Responding to change or changing expectations more constructively

• Developing confidence that you can communicate effectively in any situation

• Enjoying greater intimacy and increased confidence in your relationship

• Creating mutual satisfaction by applying your understanding to resolve differences and align values, goals and actions

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